Day and Night Sun Visor - Transparent Sun Visor Helps Reduce Brightness During Day, Glare During Night

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Sun visors in cars are quite poorly designed if you think about it. You pull down a flap and block 90% of your view out the front windshield of your car. Not only does this seem extremely unsafe and probably a safety hazard, but it's built right into the car and is probably meant to be a safety feature. It doesn't take a genius to think that the sun visor should probably be transparent and act more like of a pair of sunglasses for your car rather than an opaque blinder for the driver.

This unique transparent sun visor clips right onto your existing sun visor, and actually has two different visors built-in to it, one for the day, and one for the night. The day visor cuts down on brightness so you can see more clearly when the sun is shining right through your windshield or when it's just extra bright out.

The night visor is yellow and cuts down on the glare that you often experience while driving at night, including from oncoming traffic, street lights, and more.

The day/night transparent sun visors connect right to your existing car visor with no tools necessary, is compatible with all trucks, cars, and SUVs, can be adjusted up to 180 degrees for the perfect positioning, and can easily and quickly be removed when not needed.

  • Transparent sun visor helps reduce brightness during the day, and glare during the night
  • Two different visors Grey = Day and Yellow = Night
  • The visor measures 11.8 inches long x 5.1 inches wide
  • Clips onto your existing car sun visor
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Colors may differ slightly

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